Past Concerts

April 2, 2023 Concert

April 2nd will be the FIRST Branson Jammin' for Jesus concert of the 2023 season.  We are so excited to kick off this year with Branson Living Legend, Bob Davidson and the anointed music ministries of Angela Seng, Donna Kilmurray and Mike Wellman.  

April's concert will benefit Dolls on Mission.  This special organization collects gently used Barbie & Ken Dolls and Hot Wheels, refurbishes them to look as good as, or better than new, then sends them out with missionaries as a tool to help share the love of Jesus with children in poverty stricken areas.  Not only will Angel Seng be ministering to us in music, Dolls on Mission is her missions ministry that we are supporting this month.  She will share with us how something as simple as a toy can break through walls of hurt and fear to change the lives of children.  We are excited to help Dolls on Mission bless children in some of the poorest areas on Earth.  

This month we have a fantastic lineup of vocalists anxious to share their ministries.  They are some of the finest Gospel Music Artists sharing the Good News of Jesus and His love through song.   Make plans now to attend this special season opener benefitting Dolls on Mission

December 4th will be the last Jammin' concert of the 2022 season.  Rich & Anna Watson will be the featured Branson Entertainers.  Rich can be found singing at the Majestic Theater with The Sons Music Celebration 10 am Morning Show.  They are an award winning trio that you won't want to miss.

December's concert will benefit Suitcases for New Beginnings.  This special organization collects duffle bags, diaper bags, stuffed animals, diapers, diaper ointments, blankets, and books to give to children and babies in foster care.   The children who receive these gifts will now have possessions of their very own to keep and something nice to carry them in.  We are excited to help Suitcases for New Beginnings bless children in this most special Christmas month.  December can be such a wonderful time for everyone, especially children.  We are happy to help bring awareness to this organization and the special work they do.

This month we have a fantastic lineup of vocalists anxious to share their ministries.  With it being December, there will be a mix of Christmas and Gospel songs sung by some of the finest singers around.   Make plans now to attend this special Christmas concert benefitting foster children. 

November's concert will benefit the Missouri Veterans Home of Mt. Vernon.  We will be collecting postage stamps for the residents, as well as full size, personal care items such as Shampoo, Body Wash, Toothpaste, Deodorant, etc.  Admission to the gospel concert is always free, but we ask that you consider bringing a donation to bless the featured charity or cash that can be used to purchase the requested items. 

This month we have a fabulous lineup for our gospel concert.  Many of our guests are Jammin' veterans but we have a husband and wife duo who will be making their first appearance on the Jammin' stage.  Kenny and Lisa Gamble will be joining us from KCMO.  They have been in music ministry their whole adult lives and can't wait to share the love of God with you through music.  All our vocalists have the heart and desire to minister God's love through their music.  You will be blessed.  Plan to attend and bring your friends and family with you.  The concert will bless you and you will be a blessing to Missouri Veterans.

October's concert will benefit Horses Healing Hearts. They are based out of Neosho, MO and they offer traditional mental health services, as well as unique treatment options which include Equine Assisted Therapy. Their Equine Services for Heros focuses on Veterans and PTSD. Other services include adults, youth and teens PTSD and Emotional Trauma Therapy. 

Jammin' will be collecting cash and gift cards to Lowe's, Atwood's Farm & Home, and Race Brothers to help with farm supplies and winter hay for the horses.